Saturday 21 April 2018
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Why People Love High Tops

High-top shoes are fashionable accompaniments. They are also celebrity-endorsed because celebrities love to wear the one-of-a-kind athletic footwear. Because of their sporty origin, high-top sneakers are typically reserved for athletic or sporting events. However, certain celebrities now include the footwear with their regular clothing apparel.

As a result, today’s high-top sneaker is regarded in a whole new light. Whether you wish to run an errand or are planning an excursion with friends, these kinds of shoes are an ideal way to fashionably outfit your feet. If you want to rock high-top shoes, you may want to follow some of the styles worn by today’s celebrities.


Celebrity Styles

For example, celebrity Blake Lively likes to colour-coordinate high-top sneakers with a leather jacket. Miranda Kerr, on the other hand, finds that a camel top and turtleneck in navy blue goes well with an elevated black high-top shoe. Cindy Crawford’s stylish daughter, Kaia Gerber, pairs high tops with a mini-dress. This youthful look adds sportiness and fun to an on-trend style.

Olivia Wilde wears her high-top shoes with a colour-blocked skirt, which also showcases a feminine and contemporary appearance. Alternatively, Zendaya Coleman conveys high-top style by wearing a long and layered look. You can also upgrade casual clothing with star-printed high-top shoes, such as those worn by Ruby Rose.

As you can see, high-top sneakers are shoes that capture the interest of both celebrities and athletes. Both men and women are intrigued by this type of casual footwear. Extending over the wearer’s ankle, the high-top is most often used for basketball.

High-Top Classifications

Sometimes the shoe may be confused with the slightly shorter sneaker, known as a mid-top. The mid-top generally extends no higher than a wearer’s ankle. Don’t confuse high-top sneakers with ankle boots, either. Usually, high-top shoes reference athletic footwear. However, they also refer to above-ankle shoes such as hiking boots.

Both basketball sneakers and skateboarding sneakers today are used to support the wearer’s ankles. Therefore, high-top shoes are often helpful for anyone with hypermobility issues or fallen arches. If you have flat feet, then you may want to consider the high-top design. Flat feet result when the arches collapse, causing the sole of the foot to come into almost complete contact with the ground. About 25% of the population has an arch that exhibits this condition.


As a result, the functional operation between the biomechanics of the lower leg and the structure of the arch is impacted. The arch supplies an elastic connection between the hind part of the foot and forefoot. When this connection is lost, many of the forces during weight bearing activity can be reduced.

Because a high-top offers support to the ankle bone, it also saves a flat-footed person from any athletic discomfort. Whether you are planning on wearing the shoes for fashion, health, or sports, the high-top proves to be a flexible shoe. You don’t have to be a celebrity or athlete to wear the shoe either – all you need to be is someone who is looking for a reliable shoe.