Saturday 23 June 2018
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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

So you are thinking about engagement and are looking to buy an engagement ring – congratulations! You girlfriend is likely to be excited with the engagement ring you are going to choose. Similarly, this event will mark the start of your journey to a major milestone in your life, marriage. As such, it is important to make your engagement day memorable. We have put together several tips to help you choose from among the best engagement rings Phoenix has to offer.

Settle on a gemstone

The most classic style of engagement rings features a center diamond. However, since your girlfriend’s tastes may bend towards something more unique, you may need to consider going for sapphires, the second most common gemstone for engagement rings. Although these two are safe bets, you will want to choose something else if the two hard gemstones do not match your preferred style.

Choose a gemstone shape

Diamonds are usually cut into about ten standard shapes. While you can still find a diamond in other shapes, the round shape is the most popular. As such, round diamonds will cost more than the other shapes. If you are working with a limited budget, you may want to go for the square princess cut or the cushion cut which lies between square and round.

Choose a ring style

This may be the hardest part of buying an engagement ring. When thinking about the style of a ring, you can choose modern and sleek or a detailed and vintage style. Think about how your girlfriend dresses as well as the art she appreciates when determining the ring style that will be perfect for her.

Consider buying an antique

An antique engagement ring will be more suitable if your girlfriend loves vintage décor, clothing, and jewelry. Similarly, if she enjoys books and movies set in past centuries, this is a sign that she may appreciate an antique ring. Such rings feature unique designs and bring with them a sense of romance. Your girlfriend is likely to love this aspect of the engagement ring.

Consider going custom

If you cannot seem to find an engagement ring that fits your style, you can consider going for custom engagement rings. This may be an expensive option and will require that you work with a jewelry designer.

Figure out her ring size

Determining the ring size of your girlfriend may be difficult. As such, you will need to exercise your creativity to get the right size. For instance, picking one ring from the jewelry box and taking it to a jeweler to have it sized is a great option.

In a nutshell, when you have the numerous options of engagement rings will match your taste and preference. We will be ready to help you in choosing the best ring for your important day.