Saturday 23 June 2018
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Essential Things you Need to Know before Getting an Engagement Ring

If you are planning to propose to your lady in the near future, try not to immediately go to the jewelry store without getting useful tips in buying engagement rings. You need to have enough knowledge about these pieces of jewelry piece and the factors to consider when buying one whether pre-made or custom design jewelry.

Disregard the Solitaire

Wearing a carat of diamonds on the finger can be done in more than a way. A ring that has classic solitaire can cost thousands. However, a band that is covered with small pave diamonds which add up to only below one carat will cost you less than the one with a huge center stone.

Make a Comparison of Settings

The size of the ring is influenced by how it was framed. For instance, a bezel provides the illusion of a big stone.

Ask for Certification

A diamond that has at least one carat is expected to have a gem report. This report is an evaluation ma made by a gemologist regarding the color of the stone by letter grade and clarity which ranges from flawless to very slight inclusions for a diamond considered as acceptable. The carat weight, measurements and cut are also listed.

Determine the Metal to Use

Gold and platinum are the common picks for engagement rings. Platinum is quite expensive but the price is really worth it as this metal is very durable showing few scratches and nicks. Platinum prongs have the ability to hold stone securely. In terms of color, a lot of people think that yellow gold casts light on a diamond. However, others prefer the conventional look and warmth of the hue.

Choose to Get a Numbered Ring

The certificate number of your diamond can be inscribed through a laser on the stone’s side giving it positive identification after repair or cleaning or in case of theft. The inscriptions will not have an affect on the value of the gem.