Saturday 23 June 2018
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Easy Ways To Find The Right Size When Doing Online Shopping

One of the biggest doubts that people have in their mind when shopping online, is to find their right size.  Figuring out the right fit is the only thing that is confusing when shopping online. At local stores, you can try the cloth by wearing them, which is not the case with online shopping.

So, if you want to make an efficient online shopping that is free of regrets and hassles of replacements, knowing the right size is a must.

Use a flexible measuring tape

Getting your right fit is like winning half the battle. Numbers and letters are the best help in identifying which size is appropriate for you. Measuring tape is the best way to measure the size. With the help of this tape, you need to measure the size of different areas of the body such as waist, chest, hips etc.

Wear only inner wear while taking the measure

Taking measurement along with the clothes on the body would fail to give you accurate measurements. Thus, to save from any miscalculation, it is important that you wear only underwear and an (unpadded) bra. This will give you the exact measurement.

Measuring bust size

Knowing the bust size is very important when you are purchasing a top, shirt, or any other upper body cloth. To know the bust size, you need to measure the area below the pits and around the chest (fullest part). provides clothes for men and women in varying sizes to accommodate everyone’s body requirement.

Measuring waist

Take the measuring tape and place it against the body. It should be gentle and not very tight on the skin. While measuring waist, consider the region under the rib cage.

Measuring hip region

To measure hip circumference, you need to take a complete hip measurement by considering stomach protuberance. For taking a full measurement of the hip you need to hold a ruler next to the relaxed stomach. Measure at the equal level you would consider, while measuring the hip region.

Visit a tailor

Still, if you are not convinced with the measurement and want to get it done very precisely then visit a tailor. They would help you with super accurate measurements.

Taking help of measurement websites

There are a few measurement websites such as Threadbase, Sizecharter, etc. that provides customized instruments. By providing body measurement, it would help you find out your appropriate fit in popular brands.

There are a lot of benefits that online shopping has to offer to customers. I am sure with this information you would easily know the right size of clothing and make the best use of online shopping.