Saturday 23 June 2018
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Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Sports

There are outdoor sports where sunglasses are used not just for the sake of fashion. They are essential to keep the players protected. This includes cycling and golf. Prolonged exposure to the sun could damage the eyes. Hence, if you are into outdoor sports, you need the right type of sunglasses to stay protected. Here are some suggestions you should take into consideration.


The best sunglasses to choose for cyclists are those that can take pressure from wind moving in the opposite direction and the speed at which the bicycle is moving. They should also have strong protection from the brightness of the sun. These sunglasses must also have the ability to block dirt particles. This is true especially for mountain biking and off-road challenges. Most of all, the lens should be durable. There are instances in which a foreign object might hit the sunglasses. The lenses should not easily break if this happens.


For golf, you only need sunglasses that have strong protection against UV rays. Golf games can last up to several hours. You have to stay outdoors all the time. Hence, you need to be fully protected. There should also be protection against the bright lights. You don’t want to be easily distracted by the sun because your sunglasses don’t provide protection. If you want graded lenses, have your sunglasses customised.

Extreme sports

For extreme sports, you need sunglasses that can hug your entire face. They should be really durable. They must withstand pressure and impact. For activities like snowboarding and skiing, these sunglasses must be tough enough to meet the challenge. Check the hinges and screws. Make sure they are really strong. If possible, stick with reliable brands so this won’t be a problem.

Quality must be a priority when choosing sunglasses for sports. They are not just used for fashion purposes. Try the glasses on first and see if they fit well. You can’t afford to use sunglasses that don’t fit perfectly or else they could affect your game.

For professional sports, you should make sure that the chosen sunglasses look good on you. Take note that there will be cameras all over. You don’t want to look bad in photos simply because you have chosen the wrong sunglasses. Try them on and see if you look good in them.

Go online and see if there are sunglasses that match your requirements. You can also check out Tom Ford sunglasses for quality options at an affordable cost. They offer lots of sunglasses that will surely make you look good and can also withstand your chosen sport. As you can’t try sunglasses bought online, read the descriptions and pay attention to the details.